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Remembering to be Thankful

November 23rd, 2014

Remembering to be Thankful


Timm GrBaker



Thanksgiving reminds me of going to Grandma’s house and being with all my aunts and uncles and helping Grandma to make quilts.


Some quilts will never keep her warm,
that’s her reality
and she’s okay with it.

Jacob’s ladder,
once her sister’s blue Easter dress,
scraps from Kentucky to her Illinois home
now comforts a grandson.

A wedding ring pattern,
interlocking rings of love,
a neighbors yellow dress too small,
her daughter’s red blouse too big,
welcomes her granddaughter.
It makes a house a honeymoon home.

This quilt, bear paws,
her brother’s faded brown shirt,
some flour sack cloth,
the pride and joy of the guest bedroom.

Then she sewed a lone star
from a worn blue summer dress,
a torn yellow shirt from a Tennessee niece.
It covers my bed.

Crazy quilt
of course is what she prefers,
the multi-colored scraps of what she loves,
it’s all Grandma needs to keep her warm.