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The Scent of Love

July 20th, 2015

The Scent of Love

Tuesday – Thursday, July 21 – 23 my novel Square Affair is available as a free E-book on Amazon.


As its white particles landed on the dinning room table, she emerged from a white dust cloud, and the room was filled with the scent of lilacs. Grandma still held the powder puff in her hand by its pink satin ribbon. I watched as she gave one final pat to her chest and placed the puff back into the round decorated box with painted flowers on top.

We had just finished lunch: fried pork chops, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy, wilted lettuce salad, and cherry pie for dessert. Afterwards, I helped Grandma with the dishes that were now drying on the drain board of the kitchen sink. She hung her flowered bib apron on a hook next to the pantry and went to change out of her blue dress.

I sat in the wooden rocking chair while Grandma dressed for our trip to the town square and looked at her bed, a small cot in the dinning room next to the stairway. I wondered why she didn’t sleep with Grandpa in one the many bedrooms upstairs. The dinning room buffet held her slips, bras, underwear, and girdles. As she took off her dress, I looked at her jewelry, hatpins, and powder box reflected in the mirror on top, that is until it disappeared in the cloud of lilac powder.

Once the powder settled, Grandma put on a white dress with blue cornflowers and then turned to me. “Timmy come over here and zip my dress.”

I walked through the lilac scent, stood on a dinning room chair and zipped her dress. She then took a necklace with blue stones and held it to her neck. “Now, fasten this.”

As I closed the latch on her silver chain, we heard Grandpa in the green 1954 Buick. He got it used last month from his neighbor, John Day. John now owned a new 1958 red Buick, it’s fins so big, it looked as if it could fly.

Grandpa liked his Buick, and he impatiently sat in it, waiting for Grandma to finish getting ready. He wanted a good parking spot on the town square. The best spot was in front of Woolworth’s, close to the dress shops for Grandma, and Greek’s Tavern for Grandpa, but most importantly, he needed an ideal spot to catch up on gossip.

The car was parked in the drive under an open kitchen window, and when Grandpa floored the idling Buick, a roar echoed through the house. “Go tell your Grandpa, I’ll be there in a jiffy, and to stop gunning the car.” I never heard them argue, but Grandma could never stand Grandpa racing the car engine. I was also eager to go. The afternoon movie started at 2 and I wanted to get there in time for a front row seat.

To be continued.